Added on November 11, 2014

Time travel has been a hot topic under the Baobab tree this year. Super cool client THE UNLIMITED has approached us to design and build a set for one of their more creative projects. The “Time machine” is a fully mobile art deco, steampunk elevator that’s been seen at various spots around Durban, most green screen studios and several galaxy hotspots !



















Please feel free to contact us for any Audio Visual installation or set requirements.

Added on November 7, 2014

Telling stories that inspire is our main objective, and let’s face as nature geeks our facination and imagination streaches from Twenty Thousand Leagus under the sea to a Space Odyssey. This year we have been very exited to get involved with film work that reaches far beyond our atmosphere.

Adriana Marais, quantum biology researcher and Mars One Round 2 Candidate, contributes to the thought revolution at Durban Digital Day 4 November 2014.

Added on November 7, 2014

2014 Has been a very busy year for Baobab Pictures. Looking back we have several highlights, new clients, new staff memebers, new edit stations and a magnitude of great projects to be proud of. Watch this space for our showreel that will go up towards the end of the year. One of our highlights is that Director André Cronjé has returned from his 2 year travels to California, China and Qatar.

During his travels André has worked with several very inspirational filmmakers in Los Angeles and Doha, Qatar. He also had some time out for one of his other passions, practicing Taiji in the mystical mountains of Wudang, Henan Province, China.













“It’s great to be back, let’s make some cool stuff that inspires” – André C


Added on August 14, 2012

In the foreground is me, André Cronjé. A filmmaker, television presenter, adventurer and ocean lover. I am part of a world population of over 7 billion humans (Homo sapiens), the only living members of the genus Homo. In this picture taken in South Africa, I am surrounded by Blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus). Research shows that the first ancestors of sharks emerged around 200 million years before the dinosaurs. They have since evolved to become one of the most advanced predators on the planet. Yet there is the sad possibility that, in the next few generations our species, we humans will be responsible for the extinction of this majestic creature. To many, it may seem like I am in danger, surrounded by fierce killers of the deep. The reality is that in this picture, the real killer is me. My species are responsible for killing more than 100 million sharks each year. When I look at this picture or see these great hunters of the deep up close, I feel great fear. Not of the sharks, but for the day when my own species is responsible for the extinction of one of the most fascinating and important members of our marine ecosystem.